Customer stories: Test Environment for Printed Electronics Becomes European Model

Acreo’s Printed Electronic Arena-Manufacturing (PEA-Manufacturing) lab has been selected as an EU Pilot Line Demonstrator, a prestigious distinction. The European Commission selected Acreo Swedish ICT from a field of major companies and institutes throughout Europe in recognition of their work with printed electronics and its importance to the future of manufacturing.

PEA-Manufacturing in Norrköping is Sweden’s foremost test environment for the production of printed electronics and it will now serve as a model for future development of key enabling technologies in the EU. The Pilot program has been in operation throughout 2014, with experiences and lessons learned in the lab presented in workshops and reports to EU decision makers.

The overall objective of the Pilot project is to help to bridge the gap between research in emerging technologies and the application of these technologies in manufacturing, in an effort to stimulate innovation and growth in the EU.

Participation in this project will give Norrköping and Sweden influence over the central policies and design of other test environments for pilot production in the EU. Both Ruud Baartmans, Project Manager, and Mauritx Butter, Scientific Coordinator, have high expectations:

“PEA-Manufacturing is one of four demonstration projects selected by the European Commission. Acreo's application received the highest score of the ten candidates. Our expectations are high, but we are confident that the project will be successful.”

In its decision to award PEA-Manufacturing Pilot Line Demonstrator status, the commission noted the strength of the lab’s collaborative environment and the advanced stage of production that has been achieved, as several key technologies are very close to prototype development in a "real" industrial environment.

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