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Quality of Experience for 3D video

The movie industry has already moved into 3D or stereoscopic 3D as we mainly will mean here. Both the display and mobile phone industry are putting in plenty of R&D to also move into the same direction.

There are many of indications that 3D really is going to take off this time. However, bad visual quality has more sever consequences for 3D than 2D e.g. eye-strain, head-ache and nausea (“sea-sickness”).

The companies that can design their solutions smarter taking into account the limitations of the human visual system, without causing negative effects, will have a definite advantage on a growing market.

The project will focus on the visual quality issues of 3D video presentation, applied to 3D mobile video, 3D TV and 3D video conference. This focus is based on the interest of the companies supporting the project, which is a strong consortium consisting a mixture of larger companies.
The project will work in the international front-line. The project team has long experience of research in visual quality, a large number of scientific papers and an influential position in relevant standardization bodies. The project team aims at taking an international lead in developing QoE evaluation and measurement methods for 3D video.

The main goal is to develop quality criteria guidelines for 3D video, applied to 3D mobile video, 3D TV and 3D video conference. It targets the need of home entertainment and communication between people. The basic requirement is that it should not give any bad physical side effects. Good solutions could save the environment by lowering the need for travel when video conference or telepresence could be real alternative to physical meetings.

The project will target mainly smarter solutions, as mentioned above, but 3D video will also drive bandwidth demands in networks requiring them to be faster.


Project coordinator: Acreo
Partners: TCO Development AB, Alkit Communication AB, Intertek Semko AB, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication AB, Philips AB, Edwards Science & Technology AB

Project details

Duration: 3 years, 2010 –2012
Budget: 9.2 million SEK over the 3 years
The project is funded by VINNOVA and industrial partners.
Project manager: Kjell Brunnström, Acreo
kjell.brunnstrom [at]