Transparent Electrodes: ZnO/Polyfluorene Hybrid LED on an Efficient Hole-Transport Layer of Graphene Oxide and Transparent Graphene Electrode

Kamran ul Hasan, Mats O. Sandberg, Omer Nur and Magnus Willander
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Journal article

An rGO/GO/PFO/ZnO/Al LED is fabricated via simple solution-based techniques by K. ul Hasan Hasan et al. On page 326, they show how graphene can be a simple solution-processable substitute to PEDOT:PSS as an effective holetransport (electron-blocking) layer, and ITO as a transparent conductive electrode in optoelectronic devices. The wide emission range of this LED opens up prospects for demonstrating white light-emitting devices from this novel combination. This could pave the way for cheaper displays.


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Advanced Optical Materials 4/2014