Raman probes based on optically-poled double-clad fiber and coupler

Brunetti, AC., Margulis, W., and Rottwitt, K.
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Journal article

Two fiber Raman probes are presented, one based on an optically-poled double-clad fiber and the second based on an opticallypoled double-clad fiber coupler respectively. Optical poling of the core of the fiber allows for the generation of enough 532nm light to perform Raman spectroscopy of a sample of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), when illuminating the waveguide with 1064nm laser light. The Raman signal is collected in the inner cladding, from which it is retrieved with either a bulk dichroic mirror or a double-clad fiber coupler. The coupler allows for a substantial reduction of the fiber spectral background signal conveyed to the spectrometer.

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Optics Express Vol. 20, No. 27