Psychophysiology-based QoE Assessment: A Survey

Engelke, U.; Darcy, D.P.; Mulliken, G.H.; Bosse, S.; Martini, M.G.; Arndt, S.; Antons, J.-N.; Chan, K.Y.; Ramzan, N., Brunnström, K.
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Journal article

We present a survey of psychophysiology-based assessment
for Quality of Experience (QoE) in advanced multimedia
technologies. We provide a classification of methods relevant to
QoE and describe related psychological processes, experimental
design considerations, and signal analysis techniques. We
summarise multimodal techniques and discuss several important
aspects of psychophysiology-based QoE assessment, including
the synergies with psychophysical assessment and the need for
standardised experimental design. This survey is not considered
to be exhaustive but serves as a guideline for those interested to
further explore this emerging field of research

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IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing
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Special Issue on ”Measuring QoE For Advanced Media Technologies And Services"

This is an accepted version of a paper published in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing.


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Daniel P. Darcy, Grant H. Mulliken, Sebastian Bosse, Maria G. Martini, Sebastian Arndt, Jan-Niklas Antons, Kit Yan Chan, Naeem Ramzan, Kjell Brunnstrom. Psychophysiology-Based QoE Assessment: A Survey. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, In press.


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DOI: 10.1109/JSTSP.2016.2609843