Optofluidic magnetometer developed in a microstructured optical fiber

Candiani, A., Konstantaki, M., Margulis, W., and Pissadakis, S.
Type of publication: 
Journal article

A directional, in-fiber optofluidic magnetometer based on a microstructured optical fiber (MOF) Bragg-grating infiltrated with a ferrofluidic defect is presented. Upon application of a magnetic field, the ferrofluidic defect moves along the length of the MOF Bragg grating, modifying its reflection spectrum. The magnetometer is capable of measuring magnetic fields from 317 to 2500 G. The operational principle of such in-fiber magnetic field probe allows the elaboration of directional measurements of the magnetic field flux.

Published in: 
Optics Letters, Vol. 37, Issue 21, pp. 4467-4469