Light coupling and routing using a microsphere attached on the endface of a microstructured optical fiber

Konstantinos, M G., Mileko, K., Kosma, K., Margulis, W.
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Conference item

Herein, we demonstrated a T-shaped whispering gallery modes (WGMs) excitation system including a tapered single mode fiber (SMF), a tapered microstructured optical fiber (MOF) and a BaTiO3 microsphere for efficient light coupling and routing between the two fibers. The BaTiO3 microsphere is semi-immersed into the capillary of a tapered MOF, while the tapered SMF is placed perpendicularly to MOF in a contact with equatorial region of the microsphere. Based on that, three channels joined by the microsphere are formed, and excitation and measurement of WGMs is possible either using the SMF or the MOF taper. The measured WGMs spectra reveal light routing along Q-factors between 4500 and 6100, along with scattering signal with all three fiber ports and parities.

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SPIE Proceedings | Volume 9886 | Advanced Fibre Sensors and Components