Interface Design – a User-Centered Design Process

Larsson, I.
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The purpose of this examination is to study how to
create a user-friendly interface to a new non-released website.
The research has been done in collaboration with the research
institute Acreo and a project named Streamingkollen; a
consumer tool that aims to improve the customer’s quality of
experience (QoE) of streamed videos by measuring the video
streaming quality.
In this study the focus has consequently been placed on the
users of the service, in order to optimize their experience of the
website and the interface.
In order to achieve a high level of usability, a user centered
design process has been used. A user analysis, a heuristic
evaluation and user tests on prototypes have been used as
methods in the design process and the development of the
The result from the user tests shows that the major reason why
the user disliked, felt frustrated or couldn’t manage the service
was when the design of the site was not consistent and minimal,
when words, phrases and concepts on the site were not familiar
and communicated in the same language as the users and when
they lacked informative feedback of the operations made on the
The user-centered development in the study gave good results;
many of the potential usability problems were identified and

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Acreo report
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