Control of fluidic in a plastic disposable chip used for POC-diagnostics

J.Wipenmyr, H.Svensson, K. Reimhult, D. Ilver, M. Löfgren, T. Pettersson, B. Löfving, A. Krozer
Type of publication: 
Conference item

A method to control the fluidics in a disposable plastic chip which is a part of a Point-Of-Care (POC) diagnostic system is described. Our POC-platform consists of an instrument and a disposable chip, where all necessary bioreagents are contained on-board of the disposable chip. The sample from the patient is added to teh chip by the user, whereupon the chip is inserted into the instrument. All necessary manipulations as well as the detection and read-out are performed by the instrument. The assay is quantitative since the chip contains, apart from the sample cavity, two additional reference cavities. In the instrument, the chip will be connected to a pump via a number of needles inserted into small septum-like rubber cylinders that function as valves in the chip. The control of the fluidic flow in the chip is performed by under-pressure created by pump suction and closure/opening of septa in the appropriate channel. Over 20 consecutive fluid transfer steps need to be carried out during the detection cycle, as the instrument must move the correct amout of the sample to the measurement cavity and thereafter perform the complete assay including a number of rinsing steps.

Published in: 
Proceedings 4M 2005, 29/6 - 1/7 2005, pp 419-422