Centralized Optical-Frequency-Comb- Based RF Carrier Generator for DWDM Fiber-Wireless Access Systems

Pang, X., Beltrán, M., Sánchez, J., Pellicer, E., Vegas Olmos, J.J., Llorente, R., Tafur Monroy, I.
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Journal article

In this paper, we  report on a gigabit capacity fiber-wireless system that enables smooth integration between high-speed wireless networks and dense wavelength-division-multiplexing   (DWDM) access   net- works. By employing a centralized optical frequency comb, both the wireline and the wireless services for each DWDM user can be
simultaneously supported. Besides, each base- band channel can be transparently upconverted to multiple radio-frequency (RF) bands  for different  wireless stan- dards, which can be flexibly filtered at the end user to select the on-demand RF band, depending on the wireless applications. For demonstration, we   transmit a 2.5 Gbit/s signal through the proposed system and successfully achieve  a  bit-error-rate  (BER) performance  well below the 7%  overhead forward error correction limit of   the BER of 2×10-3 for both the wireline and the wireless signals in the 60 GHz band after 25 km single-mode fiber plus up to 6 m  wireless distance.

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Journal of Optical Communications and Networking