Browsing the Real World using Organic Electronics, Si-Chips, and a Human Touch

Berggren, M., Simon, D. T., Nilsson, D., Dyreklev, P., Norberg, P., Nordlinder, S., Andersson Ersman, P., Gustafsson, G., Wikner, J. J., Hederén, J., Hentzell, H.
Type of publication: 
Journal article

Organic electronics have been developed according to an orthodox doctrine advocating “all-printed’’, “all-organic’’ and “ultra-low-cost’’ primarily targeting various e-paper applications. In order to harvest from the great opportunities afforded with organic electronics potentially operating as communication and sensor outposts within existing and future complex communication infrastructures, high-quality computing and communication protocols must be integrated with the organic electronics. Here, we debate and scrutinize the twinning of the signal-processing capability of traditional integrated silicon chips with organic electronics and sensors, and to use our body as a natural local network with our bare hand as the browser of the physical world. The resulting platform provides a body network, i.e., a personalized web, composed of e-label sensors, bioelectronics, and mobile devices that together make it possible to monitor and record both our ambience and health-status parameters, supported by the ubiquitous mobile network and the resources of the “cloud”.

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Published in: 
Advanced Materials, vol. 28, pp. 1911-1916