Applicability of Existing Objective Metrics of Perceptual Quality for Adaptive Video Streaming

Søgaard, J., Krasula, L., Shahid, M., Temel, D., Brunnström, K., Razaak, M.
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Conference item

Objective video quality metrics are designed to estimate the
quality of experience of the end user. However, these objective
metrics are usually validated with video streams degraded under
common distortion types. In the presented work, we analyze
the performance of published and known full-reference and noreference
quality metrics in estimating the perceived quality of
adaptive bit-rate video streams knowingly out of scope. Experimental
results indicate not surprisingly that state of the art objective
quality metrics overlook the perceived degradations in the
adaptive video streams and perform poorly in estimating the subjective
quality results.

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IS&T conference Electronic Imaging 2016, Image Quality and System Performance XIII San Francisco
United States
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Proc. of IS&T conference Electronic Imaging, Image Quality and System Performance XIII