All-Fiber Nanosecond Gating For Time-Resolved Spectral Analysis

Malmström, M., Tarasenko, O., Margulis, W., Laurell, F.
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Journal article

We demonstrate the addition of time gating to a standard optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) operating in the spectral region similar to 1.06 mu m. This is accomplished by opening for 7 ns the optical input to the OSA with an electrically driven poled fiber in a Sagnac loop. The sequential interrogation with nanosecond resolution of the reflection from three fiber Bragg gratings along a piece of fiber allows distinguishing the spectral peaks created with a minimum separation of 85 cm. The passive extinction ratio of this device is >40 dB and returns to >40 dB from >23 dB on a 35-ns time scale directly after time gating.

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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28(8):1-1 · April 2016