A Platform for Printed Electronic Systems

Gustafsson, G., Sandberg, M., Andersson Ersman, P.
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Conference item

A vision for Printed Electronics is to “Create value by adding functionality to everyday products”. There are, however, several challenges in realizing this vision. One of the most important one is to be able to integrate different components into functional systems. Usually this involves a large number of processing steps that has to be compatible with each other and show very high yield. If a R2R process is considered, ink drying time is critical. There must also be electrical compatibility of the printed components to be integrated. Standard Si circuits should be used where high memory and processor capacity are needed. From an environmental perspective there should be a sustainable cradle to cradle design of the products and the materials and processes must be environmentally friendly. Acreo has developed Printed Electronics platform that can meet some of these challenges The major advantage of the platform is that the manufacturing can be performed by using standard printing tools, outside the clean room facility that typically is used for most other transistor and display technologies. The reason for this is that no critical dimensions are required, and the resulting devices are operated at low voltages, less than 3 V, and are thereby compatible with energy sources like printed batteries. The device manufacturing is further simplified by that only a small set of materials is employed, that is, the very same conducting polymer is utilized as the active material in for example both transistors and displays. In the presentation we will describe this platform in detail and also a number of product demonstrators at different levels of integration.

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MRS Fall Meeting Boston
United States
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2012 MRS Fall Meeting, oral presentation on symposium WW1: Manufacturing Aspects of Roll-to-roll Production