Zinc oxide nanorods forming nanoflowers

ProjectZnO nanorods for UV detection

Labs & TestbedsElectrum Laboratory
ContactQin Wang
ZnO nanorods for UV detection

Development of low cost approach to fabricate UV photodetectors using chemical synthesised zinc oxide nanorods.

The project is aiming to experimentally demonstrate high performance ZnO nanorods UV imaging devices. These are expected to have higher photoresponse in comparison with traditional ZnO thin-film detectors owing to large surface-to-volume ratio of ZnO nanorods. Among the various nanomaterials, wide band-gap (3.37 eV) one-dimensional ZnO nanorods/nanowires are a promising functional material for many applications. (Image: Project team at Acreo.)

In particular, ZnO nanorods are biologically nontoxic, which makes them biocompatible and useful for applications in biomedicine, water monitoring, chemical sensing and biological sensors. The basic technique in this work is to utilize a chemical solution synthesis method for forming ZnO nanorods on different types of substrate, and then fabricate simple metal semiconductor metal (MSM) photodetectors using the nanorods as UV sensing material.

Result Five different types of ZnO nanorods UV detectors have been fabricated and their performance has been characterized. Photoresponse can be enhanced significantly by attaching II-VI quantum dots on the surface of the ZnO nanorods.
Start 2010-06-01 End planned 2011-02-28
Project leader Qin Wang
Project partners KTH
Project sponsors Imagic


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