ProjectXiFi Nordic Federated Node (XiFi NFN)

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XiFi Nordic Federated Node (XiFi NFN)

The project aims at establishing a Nordic datacenter cluster connected to similar clusters of other XiFi partners and providing the infrastructure for cloud-based services of the Future Internet in Europe. Acreo Swedish ICT AB is the owner and operator of the Node.

The XiFi Nordic Federated Node will constitute the first Nordic node of the XiFi community cloud development platform. The Nordic Node will consist of two distributed sub-nodes in Stockholm and Hudiksvall connected via a dedicated connection through Acreo National testbed. The coverage of Acreo testbed in Stockholm, Gävle, Hudiksvall and Sundsvall will provide access to more than 10 000 end-users through FTTH (100 Mb/s or 1 Gb/s) and LTE for eHealth, Smart City, and Smart Energy as well as developer communities.

The total capacity of the Nordic node will encompass 140 CPUs cores with the total RAM performance of 280 GB together with storage capacity of 100 TB, with the 1 Gb/s backbone and 1 Gb/s GEANT connectivity and OpenFlow support, also meeting the other requirements of the XiFi infrastructure for hosting Generic and Specific Enablers of FI-WARE and use-case projects.

The Nordic node will provision SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) services and act as a focus point for Future Internet activities and experimentation in Sweden for the partner and customers of Acreo and its sister institutes of SICS and Interactive Institute. This will also include the partners and customers of the Swedish ICT institutes from other and Baltic countries through local collaboration program.

The node, as a part of the XiFi and Future Internet platforms, aims to attract a versatile group of existing developers including clusters organizations with broad SME contacts, universities, IPv6 Forum Sweden developers and public organizations (municipalities and cities, public housing organization) as well as user communities including eHealth, Smart Cities, Smart Home and Smart Energy.


Results from the validation process in the project was in Jan 2015 granted with a Bronze Label from the organisation Eurescom GmbH. Read more about the criterias for Bronze Label

The XiFi Nordic Federated Node sub-project has become a part of XiFi infrastructure federation – a Future Internet project within EC Framework Programme 7 – since April 1, 2014.