Wafer-scale fabrication of graphene-based devices for bio- and chemical sensing


Project summary

Project Funding: Vinnova

Project Call: Vinnova Graphene SIP (Strategiska Innovationsprogrammet för Grafen)

Grant Agreement:  2016-01656

Project Duration: 2016-2017

Project Partners:  Acreo Swedish ICT AB, Pamitus AB and Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC, http://nfc.polisen.se/)

Project Coordinator: Graphensic AB


Project description

The goal of this project is to demonstrate high-performance wafer-scale graphene sensors utilizing graphene on SiC for bio- or chemical detection, such as forensic, agriculture and medicine sensing applications. The work will not only focus on the sensor design and fabrication but also on analysis of the sensor yield, cost efficiency and future product potential.

Acreo is involved in the project to carry out tasks on the graphene sensor design, fabrication and characterizations. Importantly Acreo will play its role for bridging the graphene sensors from the lab to industry, end users and related market.

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