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ProjectUNIFY: Unifying Cloud and Carrier Networks

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UNIFY: Unifying Cloud and Carrier Networks

Today, rigid network control limits the flexibility of service creation. We envision full network and service virtualization to enable rich and flexible services and operational efficiency. Therefore, Acreo and SICS at Swedish ICT together with the UNIFY consortium (e.g. Ericsson, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia) will research, develop and evaluate means to orchestrate, validate and verify end-to-end service delivery from home and enterprise through aggregation and core networks to data centres.

Main Objectives

Telecom providers struggle with low service flexibility, increasing complexity and related costs. Although cloud computing and networking have been two active fields of research, there is currently little integration between the vast networking assets and data centres of telecom providers. In UNIFY we will open up the potential of virtualization and automation across a unified networking and cloud infrastructure.

The project will:

  • focus on enablers of a unified production environment and will develop an automated, dynamic service creation platform, leveraging a fine-granular service chaining architecture.
  • propose a service abstraction model and a service creation language to enable dynamic and automatic placement of networking, computing and storage components across the unified infrastructure.
  • develop an orchestrator with optimization algorithms to ensure optimal placement of elementary service components across the unified infrastructure.
  • research new management technologies and develop a Service Provider DevOps concept to address the dynamicity and agility of new services.
  • investigate the applicability of a universal network node based on commodity hardware to support both network functions and traditional data centre workloads.

We expect that such a unified production environment will deliver unprecedented level of agility for service innovation; simplicity and scalability in operation; improved quality of experience in rich and flexible user services; economic advantages and technological leadership of Europe.


Ericsson (HU), Acreo Swedish ICT (SE), Berlin Institute for Software Defined Networks (DE), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HU), Deutsche Telekom AG (DE), Ericsson (SE), Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (ES), European Center For Information and Communication Technologies (DE), iMinds (BE), Intel (BE), Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (GR), Politecnico di Torino (IT), SICS Swedish ICT (SE), Telecom Italia (IT), Travelping (DE), Technical University Berlin (DE)

UNIFY in European Commission terminology

Duration: November, 2013 – April, 2016
Funding scheme: IP
Total Cost: € 9.4 m
EC Contribution: € 6.5 m
Contract Number: CNECT-ICT-619609

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