ProjectTASS: Total Airport Security System

TASS: Total Airport Security System

An airports is a complex environment; aircrafts, passengers, crew, cargo, airport infrastructure etc., all together presenting a labyrinth of security challenges.

We participate in an EU-project, TASS, aiming at research and development of a surveillance system providing real-time accurate situational awareness to airport authorities.

The TASS concept is based on integrating and fusing data from different types of real time sensors & sub-systems in a variety of modes, including fixed and mobile, all suitable for operation under any environmental conditions. The array of sensors is based on both new and existing technologies, and their integration and fusion will form a centralized system representing an innovative approach to efficiently securing an airport without affecting the passengers or the flow of aircrafts.

Our contribution in the project focuses on integration of sensor systems for indoor air flow and temperature, motion detection based on inertial and infra-red sensing, chemical gas sensors and water contamination detection, all to be integrated in a wireless sensing platform. A proof of concept will be presented in October 2012 at Heathrow Airport.

The TASS consortium consists of 19 European partners that come together from a wide spectrum of operational, industrial and academic fields, ranging from sensor design, electronic communications, security applications and civil protection.

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