ProjectSPlit ARChitecture for carrier grade networks

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SPlit ARChitecture for carrier grade networks

SPARC is a European project that aims at introducing an architectural split of network elements used in the realization of the future Internet. The goal is to lower investments costs, ease manageability, and to facilitate a higher degree of infrastructural sharing.

In SPARC, Acreo is working with some of the major European players in the area - Ericsson, Deutsche Telkom, European Centre for Information and Communication Technologies (EICT), Interdisciplinary Institute for Broad Band Technology (IBBT).

The main focus by Acreo is on infrastructural sharing - or open access networks. Open access networking has been under development for approximately fifteen years in e.g. Sweden. The focus of this development has mainly been on the business model. What we want to accomplish is to understand, how the open access business model meets the open access network. We believe that split architectures together with virtualization is a promising way forward.

Project details

Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP)
Total project budget: 3.15 m €
EC contribution: 2 m €
Project duration: 24 months, start date July 2010
Project webbsite:
Project coordinator: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gladisch Deutsche Telekom AG
Acreo contact: Anders Gavler,  +46 8 632 7729   anders.gavler [at]