ProjectSmart Living – how does Internet of Things affect our daily life at home?

Smart Living – how does Internet of Things affect our daily life at home?

In the near future we will be able to communicate with all sorts of devices as long as they are connected to the internet. The home is one of the places that will be radically transformed and become “smarter” – all thanks to IoT, Internet of Things.

Our demonstration project exemplifies how the smart home may function in the near future. We present a realistic vision with different sophisticated functions in a home environment – an open environment where the consumer and internet enabled devices interact through different kinds of services and functions.

The smart home market is exploding. The driving force behind this is a combination of many things such as an abundance of services, cheaper and more user friendly devices, high speed broadband connection, and changes in consumer behaviour. Apart from services that satisfy our ever growing demand for comfort and pleasure, services related to eHealth, alarm systems, energy control, etc wil also invade out homes and daily life – and all will be connected!

The demonstration that is carried out in conjunction with the Catalyst - a Swedish ICT test and demonstration environment – will also pinpoint which challenges the researchers are facing when everything in the home is connected. Examples of such issues are personal integrity; who owns and controls the data in the home; how much automation and smartness can we actually manage?

The Smart Living demonstration is one of nine demonstrations to be showcased at the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm 15th – 23th  of November. More information (in Swedish) is found here:

The demonstrations are in turn part of a much larger KTH-driven project, ICT – The Next Generation, see