ProjectSilicon Carbide Intelligent Multi Chip Module for Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Silicon Carbide Intelligent Multi Chip Module for Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Next Generation of highly efficient Power Electronics for System Applications. Design of power module with both power devices and control electronics in SiC for real high temperature operation. Application areas are electrical power converters and inverters for motor drives for hybrid electric and electric cars. These require power modules with blocking capability of around 1200V and current handling capability of 50-100A. In addition, the power modules should be able to work at elevated temperatures of 250-350°C to reduce the system cost by reducing the cooling requirements for the electronics.

To increase the temperature of operation, not only the power devices should be made in SiC, but also the control electronics. Hence we are looking into the so-called Intelligent Multi Chip Power Modules, which will include basic logic electronics made from SiC.

Acreo is doing design och electrical simulation of components and critical functions in the power circuit. Key devices are fabricated in the Electrum Laboratory and evaluated electrical. 

Results Burried grid design, thermal and switching simulation
Subprojects SiC IPM, HEVSiC
Start 2008-01-01
Project leader Mietek Bakowski
Project partners KTH/EKC, KTH/EKT och JTH
Project sponsors Vinnova and Energimyndigheten