SiC Power Center

Cooperation and competence integration

SiC Power Center is a platform for co-operation between industry, research institutes and academia with the objective to promote the introduction of SiC power electronics in the applications where high energy efficiency, compactness and high-temperature operation provides significant system advantages.

SiC Power Center is an initiative by Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH and Swerea KIMAB.

Main objectives

The main objectives of the center cooperation is to explore the full potential of SiC electronics and to share and combine resources, competences and knowledge for future applications, increased competitiveness and sustainable development.

New fundings 2014 - 2016

The Swedish Energy Agency finances the continued development of Silicon Carbide based power electronics. During the last 2,5 years, the Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova have financed three PhD studentships at Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH and Swerea. This time, the project also includes funding for senior researchers and company representatives as partners and mentors to students. The total project budget is 9.3 MSEK over a period of 2 years. 

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SiC Power center stories

SiC Power Center stories

Inmotion Techologies: "We want to be at the forefront"

Elektronikkonsult: "This is a golden opportunity!"

Mats Alaküla: "It's a way to realize our development work within silicon carbide"

Alstom: "We would certainly not have been able to do this without the center."

Become a partner

The center welcomes industry partners, product and system owners, throughout the whole value chain. Welcome to contact us!


Mietek Bakowski
Prof/Senior Expert
mietek.bakowski [at]
+46 (0)70 781 77 60

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Power Electronics at Acreo

In media
SiC Power Center Stories: "We would certainly not have been able to do this without the center."

Declares Per Ranstad, Product Manager at Alstom and Chairman of the Board of SiC Power Center, in reference to the development projects they are conducting in silicon carbide technology. The center provides access to relevant industrial networks and important new expertise in SiC research.

Participation in SiC Power Center is important to Alstom, and Alstom has been the industry partner from the start of the Center. It is a natural partnership; Alstom has been working on silicon carbide devices for industrial power converters.

“The center and the research program have allowed us to achieve far more than we would have on our own. Without the center it would have been more difficult to develop the devices required for system evaluations,” emphasizes Per Ranstad, Product Manager at Alstom.

Development in silicon carbide is starting to take off, owing largely to research breakthroughs that occurred 10 years ago. We are now starting to see devices for low voltages and low currents, which will be on the market within a few years. Through the center, Alstom has received support for no less than four exciting projects in silicon carbide.

“We are very product-oriented. We have developed devices in silicon carbide, and evaluations within systems have demonstrated very high energy efficiency.  And we know there is potential for further reductions”, emphasizes Per.

There are two ways of implementing silicon carbide. The simple method is to replace silicon devices with silicon carbide devices within systems. A major challenge is to change the design of the systems themselves, and let the device properties impact the system architecture.

“This is how we achieve the really big benefits. This is how we create the next product generation when we optimize system architecture”, Per Ranstad emphasizes. “We would certainly not have been able to do this without the center.”

Alstom conducts a couple of projects with silicon carbide for high-voltage components at the system level. The challenge has been to design devices before they could begin to evaluate and optimize them - something that would have been impossible without Acreo.

“Silicon carbide involves a new technology and can provide devices with superior properties. The center will allow for early commercialization while the risk is low. This gives us a real competitive advantage”, says Per Ranstad.


Facts - Alstom

Alstom is a world leader in energy and transport with development, manufacturing and delivery in power generation, power transmission and railway infrastructure.
In Sweden, Alstom has about 1, 000 employees, working for its three global sectors, Transport, Grid, and Power. There are four major offices in Stockholm, Norrköping, Västerås and Växjö, as well as numerous local offices and service depots to ensure quick and easily accessible maintenance and services to Alstom’s customers all over the country.


SiC Power Center stories: "We want to be at the forefront"

This is how Lars Lindberg of Inmotion Techologies explains his company’s involvement in the SiC Power Center. He is very pleased with the participation in the center so far. Thanks to the center, the company has been able to conduct an industry project up to prototype stage, and he hopes that a continuation of the center's activities will enable the project to be further developed.

Lars Lindberg is Systems Manager R & D at Inmotion Technologies AB, an international company providing electric drives and motors that can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Lars has been involved in SiC Power Center since its inception, and is very supportive of the center, especially now that silicon carbide technology is being implemented for certain applications.

“We want to be at the forefront, so it was evident that we should join. We get a better understanding of silicon carbide - both its opportunities and its risks,” Lars emphasizes.
The great advantage of silicon carbide is its high efficiency. Silicon carbide technology is expensive, however, and the devices cost more than corresponding devices in silicon. Therefore, at the moment silicon carbide use is limited to a few special applications, Lars explains:

“We have built a device in silicon carbide that can drive hybrid buses, and we have shown that it can save fuel thanks to its higher efficiency. Thus you can recoup the initial higher outlay of silicon carbide within a couple of years,” says Lars.

This industry project was financed by VINNOVA and the Swedish Energy Agency and driven through SiC Power Center. Inmotion has built and verified an electrical drive unit (known as an inverter) between the battery and the electric motor, which controls the current to the motor. Through the project they have been able to eliminate some of the risks associated with silicon carbide. Lars emphasizes that the center has been a prerequisite for the running of the project, and the project was well supported by the work of the doctoral students attached to the center.
“It will be a few years until we see a finished project. Together with our customers, we will now conduct system testing of the functionality including the electromagnetic compatibility,” emphasizes Lars.

Facts - Inmotion Technologies AB

Inmotion is a premier global supplier of electric motors, motor controllers, and auxiliary equipment for the vehicle industry. We achieve best in class reliability and on-time delivery, as well as localized supply of products in the major manufacturing regions around the globe, through superior design and world-class manufacturing processes.


From our application centers, we provide OEMs with local support and are able to customize our product offering to the specific needs of each vehicle. With our extensive experience from large scale production of both high and low voltage products for vehicles spanning from golf carts and forklift trucks to city buses and construction equipment, Inmotion is the natural choice for OEMs looking for a long term supplier of power electronics.


SiC Power Center stories: "This is a golden opportunity!"

So says Vidar Wernöe of Elektronikkonsult, about his company’s engagement in SiC Power Center. Silicon carbide technology is now maturing into implementation, and it gives huge benefits not only for Elektronikkonsult but for the entire power electronics industry.

Elektronikkonsult operates within power electronics, and their customers include major companies in industry in both Sweden and Norway. Vidar Wernöe, CEO of Elektronikkonsult, was enthusiastic about the opportunity to join the SiC Power Center when it was formed in 2012.

“For a long time there has been talk about silicon carbide, but now something has started to happen,” underlines Vidar. “That is why you want to take part. It is also important to be in the same arena as our customers and contribute to ensure that their products are at the forefront.”

Vidar Wernöe argues that the SiC Power Center is a great venue for a merging technology. The purpose of the center is to accelerate the development of efficient power electronics based on silicon carbide technology.

“Here you are part of a larger context than is usual,” he explains. “It involves a sharing of experiences and knowledge between industry colleagues, customers and research institutes.”

Thanks to the company’s engagement in the center, Elektronikkonsult also received funding for a project to develop a high-efficiency motor drive based on silicon carbide. The aim was to specifically evaluate the potential for energy savings, reliability and robustness.

“Our involvement at the center has inspired a number of new ideas that are applicable to our work. The results in terms of energy savings are remarkably good, with energy losses reduced by half compared with conventional IGBT transistors,” he says.

Vidar Wernöe also wants to highlight the very successful annual conference that is organized by the center. The conference brings together both researchers and businesses.


Vidar Wernöe   Motorstyrning


Facts - Elektronikkonsult AB

Since its inception in 1978, Elektronikkonsult has helped companies develop electronics products on a commission basis. The company specializes in power electronics, power supply, analogue electronics and advanced printed circuit board layouts. Elektronikkonsult works along the entire product lifecycle from concept to product management, and is certified according to ISO9001 and 14001 standards.


SiC Power Center stories: "It's a way to realize our development work within silicon carbide"

This is how Professor Mats Alaküla explains his involvement in SiC Power Center. He describes the center as being ideally structured for research and development, facilitating the development of silicon carbide technology.

Mats Alaküla divides his time between academia and industry. He is professor and head of a research group within electrical engineering and automation at Lund University and works as a Senior Advisor at Volvo Group Trucks Technology. He is also on the board of the SiC Power Center. For several years he has followed the developments within the silicon carbide field.

“Progress is underway on the silicon carbide front, and it is time to proceed with our development work. The center has a well-functioning arrangement for research and development, and it suits well us very well,” Mats tells.

For a long time, the great potential of silicon carbide has been on the agenda, but the big breakthrough has been slow to come. When a new technology arises, the “old one” (i.e. silicon) typically shapes up according to Mats. We have seen new solutions in silicon, and the two technologies could be regarded as competitors. But Mats has high hopes for silicon carbide. He has participated in the “OverDrive” project together with Volvo Cars - a silicon carbide project financed by VINNOVA / SiC Power Center.

“There are trends when it comes to drive systems, and what we now want is to "package" the devices so that the system takes up less space. We do not solely hunt energy efficiency per se – it is an added advantage. What we create will be smaller, lighter and temperature resistant,” he stresses.

It is hoped that the solution will involve sharing of the cooling system in the car. “OverDrive” is a first step, which led to a device that works in a lab environment. In the next step, the device will be refined and will have a functioning cooling and "packing".

One of Mats current interests are “DC / DC converters” that convert the voltage between the battery for propulsion and the system’s battery.

“We need a converter that is small, lightweight, efficient, and inexpensive, and silicon carbide can provide us with that,” he explains.

Mats Alaküla believes that we are at a breakthrough in silicon carbide. The first smaller silicon carbide devices are already on the market. The drive system described above is expected to be implemented in commercial vehicles within about 5-10 years from now.

Facts - Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation, IEA, Lunds universitet

The main feature of IEA is the combination of automation, electric drive systems and electrical power systems. Most of the research at IEA is application oriented, where each program and project has been inspired by some real industrial problem. The goal is to be industrially relevant as well as academically and internationally competitive.

Facts - Volvo Group Trucks Technology

The main assignment is to drive research, development and advanced engineering for the long term competitiveness of the Volvo Group products and services. Technology areas in focus are Technology Strategy & Innovation, Transport Solutions & Services, Energy Efficiency & Environment, Vehicle Technology & Safety, Electrical & Embedded Systems, and Supply Chain, which includes materials technology, environment & chemistry and process development & manufacturing engineering.


SiC Power Center stories

Inmotion Technologies

"New SiC transistors are available and stable enough for improving inverter systems. Target application for Inmotion Technologies AB is hybrid systems for heavy duty vehicles where 1% unit increased inverter efficiency yields savings of about 600-1000 liters of diesel/year. Thanks to SiC Power Center, as well as support from Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency, verifications of real performance improvements of a SiC inverter for vehicle applications have been enabled."

ACH 6550-SiC, Complete SiC inverter prototype assembled. DC/AC converter, WEG or Air cooled, 750 VDC, 400 ARMS peak.

- Lars Lindberg & Thord Nilson

Volvo AB

"The SiC Power Center research on silicon carbide gives an important contribution to the development of electrically powered heavy vehicles, with high demands of packing density and efficiency for electric power systems."

- Mats Alaküla


"Electric motors correspond to about 65 percent of the total use of electricity in the industrial sector. Therefore, development of more efficient systems is important, in order to reach the environmental targets regarding reduced CO2 emissions. In this perspective, silicon carbide technology is a determinant.

The Vinnova program for silicon carbide, together with SiC Power Center, has been crucial for Elektronikkonsult’s decision to develop a high-efficient motor control device.  The results show a power loss reduction of over 60 %! Through this project, Elektronikkonsult has acquired a design platform, which may be of great use to our customers in the future."

- Vidar Wernöe

SEPS Technologies

"As a newly started enterprise, with one foot still in the Academy, the SiC center is very valuable to us for proceeding and turning our research within high-frequency converters into products. SiC and GaN components will be very important to us in the future, as well as for the entire power electronics industry. Gathering the industrial and academic competence available in Sweden and exchanging experiences strengthens our international competitiveness in power electronics."

- Kent Bertilsson

Bombardier Transportations

"Currently, the railway is already considered as an environmentally friendly transport alternative. However, that does not hinder the continuous need for improvement. Therefore, Life Cycle Cost (LCC) is getting more and more important in the business. In many cases, initial cost is still regarded as the most significant evaluation criterion for a project. However, costs of running energy consumption, maintenance, repair and recycling at the end of the life cycle is becoming more important criteria for decision makers. Hence, the ability to optimise your driving system with respect to reduced losses is becoming more crucial, an ability increasing with the availability of new technology at a reasonable cost. For electrical driving systems on trains, silicon carbide based power semiconductors is such a step in technology.

Therefore, the promotion of SiC Power Center from Vinnova, together with several stakeholders from the industry, is of special interest in this technology step. It enables us, in a creative atmosphere, to exchange experiences with representatives from other industries than our own, as well as, via the research actors, receive knowledge about and contribute to the development within silicon carbide technology."

- Magnus Forsén


”The electric motors are traditionally used to operate a great variety of fans, pumps, compressors etc. Presently, their use for driving vehicles is increasing. EU is focusing on the way electric motors are used and great energy savings are expected by utilization of power electronics. The introduction of silicon carbide technology in drive of electric motors is essential for achieving the expected savings of electricity consumption. The program of Innovation Agency and Energy Authority for silicon carbide through SiC Power Center is the most important effort for supporting Swedish technology development within a growing market for energy efficient motor drives.”

- Peter Leisner & Lars Hoffman


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Power electronic systems for electric and hybrid vehicles
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Consulting company: design of power electronics
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High-power resonant AC-DC converters
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Only a sales office in Sweden
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