ProjectSENSATION: Online sensor system for resource-effective water management

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SENSATION: Online sensor system for resource-effective water management

Our goal is to develop a complete solution for resource-efficient and safe water management consisting of new, innovative sensor solutions linked to a communication platform including advanced data handling and new services for online monitoring of water quality.

To be able to address the whole issue of water quality management, both for sustainable attractive cities and for competitive production, we have included drinking water producers/distributors, industry, manufacturers and technical competence in our consortium.

Ensuring high water quality is a large and global challenge that sets high demands on sensor performance regarding sensitivity, robustness and accuracy. A broad approach, including high technical competence as well as knowledge about different geographical and industrial conditions, is needed to enable development of a complete solution for online monitoring of water quality. We have formed a consortium that can meet these challenges by cross-sectional innovation, bringing partial solutions into the project, which together have the right requirements to become competitive products on a global market. This is especially interesting since we link high-tech solutions and research findings to a business area that normally works with more traditional methods.

Within this project we are establishing a test-bed as well as an architectural structure for data acquisition and analysis. The complete system will be tested under different conditions in order to ascertain sensor performance and the functionality of the sensor network, and to optimize data handling. Additionally, services that can be linked to this system as well as models for integrating these services in existing infrastructure will be developed.


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