Competence Areas at RISE ICT

SENSATION III - Delivers innovative online sensor solutions and services for secure and resource-efficient management of water; with focus on the raw water, drinking water supply and industrial process. The consortium consists of drinking water producers, industry and academia, and develop comprehensive solutions for Sustainable attractive cities and Competitive production.

Today there is no technique for online and real time monitoring of microorganisms, metals and oil content in raw water as well as drinking water network. SENSATION III will develop concepts and services to create unique water quality data for early warning systems that in real time and online alerts when an anomaly in the quality of drinking water appears, from raw water, through water utilities to consumers.

SENSATION III constitutes a direct continuation of SENSATION II. In step 3, we will:
Developing rugged pre-commercial prototype sensors, develop a common communication node and clusters of sensor. Perform testing and validation of these prototypes at a number of end users. Generalizing the results based on the tests so that sensors, services and system solutions can be commercialized and put to use.