ProjectRF-Assisted Optical Communications

RF-Assisted Optical Communications

This joint project with Ericsson, partly funded by VINNOVA, focused on optical transmission systems taking advantage of RF-Assisted sub-carrier multiplexing (SCM) and other techniques for generating, processing and detecting superchannels with capacities from 100 Gbit/s to 1 Tbit/s.

A 400 Gbit/s design using dual-polarization and four RF carriers modulated by 16-QAM at 14 Gbaud was developed. Extensive numerical simulations on this design were performed by Acreo, investigating design trade-offs and tolerance to different impairments. Acreo has also developed 16-QAM DSP algorithms used for offline processing in a dual-carrier 112 Gbit/s experimental demonstrator. Furthermore, advanced RF-Assisted concepts for reaching 1 Tbit/s on a single wavelength have been investigated.

The project resulted in a number of publications. Here is a presentation summarizing the main results and Acreo's work in the project:

RF-assisted SCM and DSP for coherent optical communication

(Presentation given at DSP workshop at Chalmers, October 4, 2012)