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Printed Electronics Arena

The vision of the Printed Electronics Arena (PEA) is to create sustainable, long-term growth within the Norrköping region through commercialization and exploitation of Printed electronics and bioelectronics

Based on the extensive R & D within the field of Printed Electronics done by Acreo Swedish ICT and Linköping University, PEA was established to commercialize the technology platform developed. One third of project activities is financed by VINNOVA, two thirds come from Norrköping and Katrineholm municipalities, Acreo, Linköping University and Norrköping Science Park.

The PEA network was established for the market participants within the municipality, university and private sector. These so-called Triple Helix partners work together towards regional development of organizations using Printed Electronics as the basis. This involves cooperating on marketing activities, production and product development.

A triple helix partnership

The aim of PEA is to create a network of various processes related to Printed Electronics. This network provides the participating companies with the opportunity to exchange experiences and make use of research and development results achieved. Growth is based on innovation which in turn is based on scientific excellence, knowledge exchange and the interplay between businesses, researchers and public operations; the Triple Helix partnership. Being located in close vicinity of one another gives a competitive advantage, by encouraging interplay, and by easy access to competence which stimulates business cooperation.

PEA offers the participants

Extensive business opportunities and increased regional visibility
Participants will be exposed to the regions’ market through specific activities. The names of the participating companies and their specific operations will be presented in a report, stated on the PEA website including links also during exhibitions. This means that all companies will be visible within the competence register of the network as well as providing each with access to said register.

Strategic dialogue
Network participants will be offered confidential dialogue opportunities with a Process Leader and, if required, suitable expert advice.

Detailed development discussions
Network participants will be offered confidential dialogue opportunities with a Process Leader relating to their own product and marketing development.

Situational and future analyses within Printed Electronics. Participants will have access to information, provided by the projects’ organisations, from conferences and newsfeed to trade reports. Participants will also receive early access to research and development by Acreo and Linköping University in the Printed Electronics field. Participants will have the opportunity of influencing the research direction of Printed Electronics.

Participants will be invited to attend workshops arranged by PEA relating to interesting usage and production aspects within Printed Electronics.

National and International Networking
Within the frames of PEA the partners have established a network of national researchers and scientists in the field of Printed Electronics. The network consists of scientists representing actors from the different parts of the value chain of Printed Electronics in Sweden. The research network has so far had two annual meetings and discussed common interests and problems. The discussions have led to some applications for financing from VINNOVA and the Frame work Programme within the European Union. One result is an approved application for a common printing development project between Broby Grafiska and PEA.

PEA-M is also supporting the product development at Mittuniversitetet and their spin-off company Sensible Solutions. The network will eventually lead to an increasing specialization for the different groups and optimizing the research within the area. PEA and the respective partners are active in some international networks. Acreo Swedish ICT is a member of Organic Electronic association (OE-a). OE-a started in Germany and is now a global organization with members throughout Europe, United States and Asia. The aim is to promote all aspects of printed electronics i.e. product development, processing, research and education.

Faraday packaging, a network in UK that PEA participates in, organizes international brand owners, an important part of the value chain to get the technology to the market. Besides participation in established networks Acreo and Linköping university participate as invited speakers at conferences for printed electronics around the world.

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