ProjectPrinted biosensors for biotech monitoring

Printed biosensors for biotech monitoring

An increasing number of blockbuster drugs are produced following processes using bacterial or mammalian cell cultures. Optimization of such bio-processes is often complicated and time consuming due to the large number of variables involved. The Marie Curie/Horizon 2020 European training network BioRapid focuses on the development of novel tools that can potentially reduce process development times and, therefore, production costs. Fifteen early stage researchers (ESR) at nine academic institutions or companies in four countries are currently engaged in this effort. Two of these early stage researchers are working at Acreo Swedish ICT in Norrköping.


They aim of their work is the design, development and evaluation of biosensor platforms suitable for the fast reliable and cost-effective at-line monitoring of bioprocesses, both up- and downstream. Technological core of the envisaged biosensors will be printed electronics; this should allow close to maintenance free monitoring that will significantly facilitate the implementation of these new measurement methods.


One of the BioRapid ESR will develop a series of novel biosensors capable of simultaneous at-line monitoring of key components of cultivation media. The other BioRapid ESR will focus on down-stream detection of the products. The nature of the bio-recognition layer together with the measurement protocols will be selected and optimized in order to meet the particular requirements and nature of the aimed media and process stage.


Both biosensor platforms will be tested under real conditions at production sites of BioRapid project partners.

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