Polynet demonstrator - all printed components



Acreo participated in the NoE PolyNet (Network of Excellence for the Exploitation of Organic and Large Area Electronics), which is a part of a joint initiative of 4 Collaboration Action Projects, “the Quadriga”, within the seventh Framework Programme of the EU (European Commission, Directorate General of Information Technology & Media, Grant Agreement 214006).

PolyNet aims to establish Europe in the area of organic and large area electronics as the world leader in science, technology development and subsequent commercial exploitation. Three platforms are provided: a research cooperation platform, a service platform and a knowledge platform.

Within the research collaboration platform Acreo has conducted the project “Integration of components of different classes”. Nine partners were gathered to

  1. Show that printed and vacuum processed organic components can be merged into a functional system in a flexible way
  2. Demonstrate a flexible circuit with an integrated power source

A circuit, in which both vacuum and printing processed components were combined together with a printed battery was realized and demonstrated. Learn more about Polynet at YouTube. You can also visit the project official web page Polynet.

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