ProjectPoint-of-care diagnostic instrument for prostate cancer

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Point-of-care diagnostic instrument for prostate cancer

Early prostate cancer detection and treatment are vital. The follow-up measurement during treatment depends on determining the amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the blood.

Working together, the Imego and CanAg Diagnostics AB (now Fujirebio) have developed a new technology platform for point-of-care testing of PSA. With the Imego instrument, the test results are received within minutes. We have achieved a detection limit below 0.1 ng/ml PSA, which is sensitive enough for measuring clinically relevant data.

The aim behind the development of the instrument was to give cancer specialists a tool to meet these requirements. The measurement method is based on a fluorescent sandwich immunoassay performed on serum samples. The method used is generic, and the platform can be modified for detection of other serum-carried disease markers. Examples of the areas of application include diseases coupled to the heart or brain and the detection of allergies, rheumatism and infection. The Imego platform can also be expanded to include the detection of multiple analytes, for example, to quantify both total and free PSA.

This concept for point-of-care measurements includes an analysis instrument for quantitative detection and disposable chips containing all the necessary chemicals and bioreagents. Only the patient serum sample needs to be added to the chip. The instrument performs automated control of the fluidics during the assay procedure and performs the fluorescence measurements on the chip.