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Open Choice

Open Choice - an open IPTV platform

Open Choice - an Open IPTV platform supporting interactive services as health care services, real property services, local services etc. and offer end users a freedom of choice between different TV channel providers

Acreo offers companies the opportunity to develop services by the use of an open IPTV-platform. There is also the opportunity to develop business models and the possibility to deliver services to city networks and Open Choice operators.

Open Choice puts pressure on traditional business concept

IPTV today are using the same vertical business concept as traditional TV i.e. cable TV, satellite TV and terrestrial TV where the TV operators offer their chosen TV channels and in some case Video on demand services. To open up the TV concept the same way as Open network the organisations SABO, Fastighetsägarföreningen, Hyresgästföreningen, Riksbyggen and Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen with Acreo as their technical partner have introduced the Open Choice concept explained below.

Open Choice the concept

The concept is now in operation in a number of city networks in Sweden and also international players have shown interest. Traditional TV services and third part services can exist in the same network offer.

Open Choice is changing the way TV is operating

Open Choice is changing the way TV is operating today in two important aspects:

  • By separating the TV Operator role from the TV Content Provider role, one creates a new business model where several TV channel providers compete in parallel. This is giving the end user more choices and the opportunity to get some channels from one provider and some from another.
  • By introducing a standardized, published API for interactive services Open Choice offers an opportunity for service providers, even SME, to create interactive TV services. By having that API the same service will function independently of chosen IPTV platform if it supports API as every Open Choice platform has to do