Novel IR detection materials

Development of advanced quantum materials for next generation IR detection applications through Sweden-Korea international collaboration


This project was officially launched in 2012 summer with duration of 4 years. It is financed partially by the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) and the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) through Korea-Sweden Research Cooperation Programme. It has three partners, Korea institute science and technology (KIST), Halmstad University and Acreo. The project focuses on exploring novel Sb-based quantum materials for IR photodetector applications.

In frame of this project KIST mainly works on material growth using MBE and MEE technologies, Acreo and Halmstad University take care for structure design and material characterizations. We believe that such joint forces will strength technique competence for all three partners in this field.

By far Sb-based quantum dots grown on InAs substrate and four series GaAsSb, InGaSb, InAlSb and InAsSb samples with different compositions grown on SI-GaAs substrate have been investigated, and related results have been presented and published in SPIE photonics Europe and West. The experimental results obtained recently will be presented in QSIP 2014 (international conference on quantum structure infrared photodetectors).

According to the project plan people involved in the project need to visit each other for having efficient meetings and activities to pursue the project smoothly. Following photo shows a joint project meeting held at Acreo on 2013-08-14. Dr. Qin Wang from Acreo, Dr. Jindong Song and Prof. Håkan pettersson attended the meeting. Dr. Qin Wang and Prof. Håkan Pettersson will give three lectures on modern IR technology in KIST, Korea, on 2013-09-30.