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Prototyping - to demonstrate new product ideas - is important for start-up´s and SME. But it is often too expensive. The NextFactory machine will enable a fast and low cost prototyping facility.

Start-up's and SME need to produce prototypes fast, and at low cost, to enable early testing of product ideas and to help rise financing for development projects.

The project idea of NextFactory one-stop-shop solution is to combine 3D-printing, 3D-mapping and pick and place techniques to create a prototype production unit where you put in functional printing inks and bare die chips and CAD-files in one end, and get prototype products in the other. On the spot, in less than one day and based on the customers design.

The project started in september 2013 with the aim to develop a machine wich is able to produce complete mechatronic micro-systems in an integrated, singe-stage, one location process. The machine will be a new type of all-in-one manufacturing technology combining - for the first time - multimaterial 3D freeform printing and ultra-precision 3D assembly. 

Use Cases

Integrated sensor devices, micro monitoring systems and customized medical devices are only a few of a broad range of possible future applications and use cases.

Project Outlook

  • Empowering microsystem manufacturers in particular SMEs to effectively manufacture their products completely on one machine.
  • Creating a new market by combining 3D printing with microassembly
  • Leading to a 10 to 100fold reduction of the manufacturing production time at low cost and with almost zero waste.
  • Providing new business models and enhancing the customizability of the SMEs products
  • Building a network of potential users - the NextFactory Community.

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Mats Sandberg
Senior Researcher
mats.sandberg [at]
+46 (0)76 1158859

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NextFactory has received funding from EUs 7:th Framwork research programme.