All fiber polarization control

ProjectNanosecond polarization switch

Nanosecond polarization switch

Using specially designed microstructured fiber, Acreo has developed an all-fiber technology for switching polarization in nanoseconds.

The component is based on Acreos unique microstructured fiber, filled with metal electrodes using a proprietary process. When passing a pulse through the electrodes, the device has the effect of a Pockels cell, rotating the polarization of light passing through it.

The all-fiber device has low optical loss, and is all-spliced. It switches the polarization in nanoseconds. The technology is now further refined and studied for use in e.g. q-switching of lasers and all-fiber pulse picking.

About the project

Project leader: Acreo Swedish ICT
Project members: Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH / Laserphysics.
Project sponsors: Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH, Region Gävleborg, EUs Regional Funds.
Other: Project was carried out within Acreo Fiber Optic Center.
Acreo contact: Walter Margulis, walter.margulis [at] , ph: +46 8 632 7723.