Mobility companion



MobiS is a European project developing a mobility companion, a service assisting individuals in their day to day trips, providing a choice between private vehicle, car and public transports. It is developed by a consortium of 9 partners located in 6 countries.

The Mobis service aims to provide users with:

  • A personal multi-criteria planner, with the capacity to grasp the user’s individual preferences, and thus to personalize trips;
  • A personal service broker, connecting users to services to create value chains; in Sweden, the server will connect to a Smart Home solution for cottages.
  • A personal adviser, which analyses trip history using prediction and reasoning to make personal, context-relevant proposals.

The project service will be tested on 3 pilot locations:

  1. An inter-city mobility scenario in Sweden (Stockholm-Hudiksvall), connecting to Sweden’s open APIs;
  2. An intra-city scenario in Greece (Thessaloniki) connecting to a traffic information system,
  3. A country-wide (inter-city) mobility scenario in Slovenia with a social media application, and selected traffic information system already operated in various parts of the country and in the main cities.

The MobiS project will be running for 32 months. Acreo runs the pilot operation in Sweden.

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