Microbolometer for Automotive Safety

Development of low cost infrared camera based on SiGe thermistor.

The target application is pedestrian safety in automotives. A picture of the thermal radiation from humans is very effective for image processing, and works in total darkness. Acreo has developed an un-cooled sensor based on a new thermistor material made by multilayer structure of alternating Si and SiGe layers of nanometer thickness. The key benefit are excellent electrical performance with high sensitivity and low noise, and high temperature stability enabling novel MEMS techniques to be employed during image sensor manufacturing and packaging. This enables significant cost reduction and performance enhancement compared to current un-cooled sensors.

In collaboration with Autoliv and Sensonor Technologies AS, a new read-out circuit is beeing designed. The goal is to allow operation over a wide temperature range without temperature stabilisation.

Watch the video on possible application: Night vision system increasing safety on the road.



Results Evaluated SiGe thermistor material, proof of concept 16x16 bolometer sensor array on CMOS read-out circuit.

Subprojects IVSS (2005), PIMS (2006-2008), FNIR (2008-2010), ICU (2009-2011), LIRA (2009-2011)

Start 2005-01-01 End planned 2011-12-31

Project partners: KTH, Autoliv, Sensonor Technologies, Umicore, Daimler

Project sponsors: Vinnova, EU, Vägverket