Safety in coal mining

ProjectMethane gas sensing for safety in coal mines

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Methane gas sensing for safety in coal mines

Methane gas explosion is one of the hazards related to coal mining. Methane, a so called 'fire damp gas', can accumulate in pockets in the mine and trigger cathastrophic explosions at concentrations of around 10%. 

SenseAir AB, a world leading producer of CO2 gas sensors, have launched a multimillion-SEK development of a new type of methane gas sensor, targeting the coal mining market, where the sensors will be used to increase safety for the workers.

SenseAir's technology, based on proprietary IR spectroscopy, is superior to competing products in terms of less calibration requirements, higher accuracy, and better quality. Acreo participates in the development with resources and expertise in spectroscopy, microscopy, modeling and statistical analysis. 

The project is carried out in the framework of, and receives part funding from, Fiber Optic Valley


image: wikimedia commons