ProjectMagnetposition – New method for studying mixing in fluidized beds

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Magnetposition – New method for studying mixing in fluidized beds

On behalf of Chalmers University, division Energy Technology, Acreo Swedish ICT is developing a novel sensor system for studying motions in fluidized beds.

Fluidized bed technology has become recognized as a clean and efficient choice for large-scale combustion and gasification of solid fuels (in particular biomass). Since the 1980’s, the division of Energy Technology has carried out extensive research within the fields of fluidization as applied to combustion and gasification of solid fuels, including CO2 capture technologies.

The goal of the project is to calculate the spatial trajectory of a spherical marker (app. 5-10 mm diam.) within the fluidized bed chamber. This is achieved by an externally mounted sensor system that tracks the spatial position and orientation of the marker with high precision in time and space.
The sensor system developed within this project will be a valuable tool for the research team at Chalmers Energy Technology in their efforts to increase efficiency of fuel conversion processes in general, and biomass and waste combustion and gasification in particular.