Prototype large area sensor in ladle

ProjectLarge Area Sensor - for temperature monitoring and process control

Large Area Sensor - for temperature monitoring and process control

For process industry working with high temperatures, such as steel and metal, controling of lining (insulation) in equipment such as ladles and furnaces is very important to avoid breakthrough that can lead to catastrophic consequenses for nearby personnel and lead to long, costly downtime.

For some other processes, such as the lime process at pulp mills, monitoring of lining temperature can also provide valuable information about the process and can lead to more efficient processes.

 Today, there exist no technologies to monitor this but a large area sensor concept based on fiberoptics was developed in a previous project exactly for this purpose. In this project the large area sensor will be developed further and the maturitylevel increased in order to be close to an industrialized product.

The devolopment will be done jointly between Acreo, Swerea IVF and Smart Textile (Textilhögskolan Borås) having expertise in fiber optics, high temperature materials, and industutrial textiles respectively.

The project consortium alsu includes three end-users, Höganäs, Sandvik and Södra Cell where extensive testing will be performed, and ABB, Agellis and Fiberson.