ProjectKista 5G Transport Lab

Kista 5G Transport Lab

The Kista 5G Transport Lab is a collaboration between Ericsson, Acreo Swedish ICT and KTH. We are working toward structural and architectural changes that go beyond today’s state-of-the-art networks and look toward the advent of 5G in approximately 2020.

The convergence of telecom and IT industries drives network transformations that call for optimizing transport, routing and services. At the same time, access networks are becoming more diverse and will soon comprise a mix of 5G, LTE-Advanced, Wi-Fi, hybrids, and wired connections. Specifically, future 5G transport networks must deliver the connectivity needed for expanded user services and cloud connectivity, and serve as a platform for service innovation.

The overall goal of Kista 5G Transport Lab is to develop a flexible and programmable transport network prototype. Within that scope, one focus is the evolution of a DWDM-centric metro and aggregation network solution. Some specific areas that we are working on are described below.

Optical network architectures for future 5G backhaul and fronthaul

Based on identified backhaul requirements for 5G use cases as well as fronthaul requirements for evolved C-RAN and centralized baseband architectures supporting 5G radio technologies, such as massive MIMO and mmWave with wider bandwidths, we are developing efficient packet-optical metro/aggregation solutions. Some results were presented in an IEEE ANTS conference paper, “Challenges for 5G transport networks”, and further results will be presented at a workshop on “Optical back/front-hauling technologies for future 5G networks” at EUCNC 2015 as well as in journal papers.

SDN control and orchestration

We are extending the open-source OpenDaylight controller with functions for control of DWDM networks. In addition we are implementing SDN-based resource orchestration across optical transport, radio access networks and cloud domains. One use case was presented in a post deadline paper at OFC 2015, “First Experimental Demonstration of Optical Transport, RAN and Cloud Orchestration based on SDN”.

Monitoring cloud (NFV) and transport

We are developing and implementing a monitoring framework, based on open-source components, for assessing the performance of both transport and cloud infrastructures using container-based virtualization. The framework will enable scalable communication between monitoring functions, VNFs, controllers and orchestrators. A video demonstrating how the monitoring framework can be used for triggering scaling of a VNF running in Docker containers can be viewed here:

The Kista 5G Transport Lab is partly funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

Collaborating partners

Ericsson, KTH