IPNQSIS - IP Network monitoring for Quality of Service Intelligent Support

The main objective of IPNQSIS is to develop continuous monitoring systems to study the behavior of Quality of Experience (QoE) through the analysis of network and service performance and their impact on end customers.

The uppermost novelty of IPNQSIS is that both the customer perception and network performance will be taken up as the main driver for building a complete Customer Experience Management System (CEMS). The QoE will be fed from multi-technology network devices, such as probes, that will be developed and evaluated in the project. Deep packet and deep flow inspection techniques will be applied to monitor and analyze IP traffic in access networks in order to propose new techniques for distribution of multimedia content for cost-efficient solutions to maintain acceptable levels of QoE. In summary, algorithms, and measurements devices will be developed and tested to provide feedback to the control system. Furthermore, cognitive software will be developed to combine QoE-QoS correlation analysis with network operation and traffic modelling studies. All these elements constitute the Customer Experience Management (CEM) architecture that is the main outcome of this project.

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