ProjectIMT40 High Dynamic Motion Tracker

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IMT40 High Dynamic Motion Tracker

The motion tracker is completely based on MEMS components, which results in small size, ruggedness, shock tolerance, and cost effectiveness. The system is built around the proven Imego digital Butterfly Gyroscope (IBG20). It consists of a small IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), a communication unit (that also can store data), and PC software (for calculations and data display). The navigated data include position/velocity/acceleration and attitude/angular rate/angular acceleration. The time signal can be synchronized by using an external trigger.

The IMT40 Motion tracker is primarily intended for studies of crash test dummy motion during a car crash. It allows car manufactures to obtain previously unavailable data, which will assist them in decreasing the risk of injury during a car crash. However, the motion tracker also provides an easy way of measuring many other types of rapid motions without any need for external reference systems, such as cameras.

Guiding the workflow from experiment to end user result, Acreo puts a lot of effort into intuitive application software that puts the full power of our inertial systems into the hands of the user. For the IMT40 platform, we have developed a complete suite of PC application software for measurement setup, data collection, calibration, navigation and analysis. In the end, data can be exported to industry standard formats or visualized in 3D directly in our application. This software can be adapted to any high-end inertial system.