UV sensors



IMAGIC - IMAGing Integrated Components

An institute center of excellence which was led by Acreo Swedish ICT, with the mission to realise next generation electronic imaging devices for non-visible wavelengths at X-ray, UV, IR and THz.

Making the invisible visible!

Industry and university partners work in close co-operation with Acreo Swedish ICT to join their competences and realize the technology for future applications in a broad variety of fields.

Our offer to members

  • Development of advanced components and systems for imaging at non-visible wavelengths at X-ray, UV, IR and THz.
  • Development of next generation detectors for non-visible wavelengths
  • Access to specialized knowledge from all partners
  • Pre-studies
  • Access to member-exclusive project results and reports
  • Networking

IMAGIC Partners

Avium, Biocrine, MidDec, Optronic, ScandiDos, StrainLabs.

Editorial October 2013: Ascilion


Ascilion is developing innovative new products based on MEMS technology and RF spectroscopy for detection within body fluids.

Based on research from the Ångström laboratory Ascilion is developing a combined micro needle matrix and solid state sensor system where the micro needles enable extraction and the sensor element enables direct detection without the use of proteins. The micro needle / sensor system is packaged in a disposable device which constitutes a painless, scalable and low cost alternative to metal needles and stand alone detection systems.

For this purpose IMAGIC gives Ascilion access to state of the art equipment and know-how in all aspects of the development work ranging from simulations via MEMS design to test and verification of both new micro needle designs as well as the sensor element itself.



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