ProjectHigh Temperature Fiber Optic Pressure sensor

High Temperature Fiber Optic Pressure sensor

In the automotive industry and especially in the combustion engine development and management there is a need to measure the pressure in the combustion process.
Today, there are no reliable and robust sensor solutions which can handle the high temperatures and rapid processes that are desirable to follow.

In this project a fiber optic sensor that can withstand the extreme demands within a combustion chamber is developed and evaluated in real operating environment at vehicle manufacturers labs.
With the new sensor solution it is expected that the development and control of the combustion process can be greatly improved and therefore more effective, more fuel efficient and cleaner engines can be produced.
By focusing the R&D efforts on the choice and combination of advanced materials in the sensor head togehter with fiber optics, the new proposed sensor will work with a multisensory functionality, i.e. as a high speed pressure sensor with an integrated temperature sensor.     

Research institute Acreo Swedish ICT is the main applicant and other partners of the project are Simea Optic AB, Scania AB, AB Volvo, Wärtsilä and further Swerea IVF and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.