W-Band Radar MCM-D Module

ProjectHigh Frequency Microsystems on Silicon (Hi-Mission)

High Frequency Microsystems on Silicon (Hi-Mission)

In the broadband and wireless communication market a continuous offering of products with higher performance in a smaller package at lower cost is required.

High frequency applications as automotive RADARs in W band are today facing high costs which limit their deployment. Advanced and low cost assembly solutions must be defined to integrate the MMICs into the microwave sub-system. In the nearest future a majority of microwave and mixed signal systems will consist of multiple chips arranged as packaged Multichip Modules (MCM). The Hi-Mission System in a Package (SIP)-concept offers the designer the ability to choose the most optimal technology for each sub-circuit in terms of cost and performance.

The innovation in this project is the development of a multichip module technique based on silicon substrates with enhanced functionality. Using this module concept the chip carrier substrate can integrate not only standard semiconductor chips e.g. Si and GaAs circuits, but also components with high performance and new functionalities, such as hot via ICs, high-Q passives, high density capacitors and tunable components based on ferroelectrics. These components cannot be directly integrated on ICs or are less well suited for integration due to, e.g., processing/fabrication incompatibility, size constraints, temperature budget.

To that end, high performance modules have been designed and demonstrated using multichip technology on a silicon substrate with enhanced functionality optimized for high frequency and high-speed integrated circuit solutions. Also the chip to sub-system interconnection is a key factor to design a cost and performance effective microwave system that is addressed. The main goal is to develop a technology platform for RF SiP/SoC applications in the field of automotive and military radar and microwave communication systems. The project is also concerned with many aspects of high frequency design, system co-design, manufacturability, including environmental testing and reliability testing.

The Hi-Mission project is broken out into work-package groups as follows:

  • WP1-2 Circuit design and modeling
  • WP3-5 Materials and Deposition, Selection of substrate technology with integrated components, Chip and substrate processing, and Technology Platform
  • WP6-7 Integration and assembly of components and circuits on RF compatible substrates and System integration
  • WP8A Telecommunications Demonstrator
  • WP8B Automotive radar Demonstrator (Acreo)
  • WP8C Military radar demo

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