Graphen in radiation measurement (Grafen i strålmätning)
  • Project Funding: Vinnova Graphene SIP 2015 (Vinnova Strategic Innovation Program on Graphene 2015)
  • Project Duration: 2015-06-01 to 2015-11-30
  • Project Partners: Acreo Swedish ICT and ScandiDos AB
  • Project Coordinator: Kjell Lundgren, ScandiDos AB

Project description

Overall project goal: Using graphene solves a specific problem for sensors in a radiation measurement systems, which is mainly caused by secondary electrons photons hitting heavy mass objects around the sensors, generating dose errors. The graphene is expected to improve the system performance due to its advantages of low mass in combination with high conductivity.

Acreo is involved in the project to design and demonstrate a new graphene-based printed circuit board for reducing the influence of the secondary electrons during the radiation system operation.