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FLU ID - portable influenza diagnostics

With the aim to develop a portable biosensor system solution that shortens the total time for the diagnostic test of influenza less than 60 minutes, while achieving a target sensitivity of 600 molecules per milliliter of sample, we have formed a consortium consisting with expertise in test and assay development (Uppsala and Stockholm University), device and detection development (Chalmers and Acreo Swedish ICT AB), and sample generation and preparation (Karolinska Institute). The involved Principle Investigators are Prof. Dag Winkler, Chalmers, Prof. Jan Albert, Karolinska, Prof. Maria Strömme, Uppsala University, Prof. Mats Nilsson, Stockholm University, and Assoc. Prof. Christer Johansson, Acreo Swedish ICT AB. The methods and instruments developed in the proposed project focus on influenza, but are generic and not limited to this specific disease.

The purpose of this interdisciplinary project is the development of a low-cost and portable miniaturized diagnostics unit, which will provide an efficient analytical platform for rapid detection of influenza directly at the point of care. The unit is based on state-of-the-art bio- and nano-technology and will enable the detection, identification and monitoring of influenza, with universal relevance to both developed and resource-poor countries. Sample preparation, assay and interface to the detector are realized through a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip device.

The detection method is based on high sensitive magnetic sensing of magnetic nanoparticles that binds to the volume amplified substance that shall be detected (magnetic immunoassay). We will work with two detection methods based on miniaturized AC susceptometer analysis using I) induction coil techniques and II) high-TC SQUID systems. The DynoMag system developed at Acreo Swedish ICT AB will be a measurement reference system during the project.