ProjectEmbedded Sensor on Machine Parts

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ContactPer Björk
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Embedded Sensor on Machine Parts

Intelligent and Customized Tooling - IC2 addresses the need for new technology for the tooling industry. IC2 will be a multidisciplinary research with hybrid manufacturing, coatings and tribology control, surface embedded sensors and new organizational models. IC2 will combine state-of-the-art additive and subtractive processes into a hybrid manufacturing cell. Such a cell will typically integrate the precision and performance of high-speed milling, grinding and/or polishing with the geometrical freedom of Additive Manufacturing Technology for the production of tooling inserts, cores, channels and cavities. Advanced coating technologies will be used to create intelligent surfaces featuring embedded sensors, high wear resistance and excellent friction properties control.

The impact of IC2 knowledge intensive tooling will be substantial reduced time-to-marked, process tact times and tooling/manufacturing costs. The new technology enables new business models with full tool life cycle service and enhanced high value tools for the manufacturing industry. The hybrid manufacturing enables rapid and high quality tool maintenance, while the sensors enables remote tool and process condition monitoring.

The main objective of IC2 is to increase the competitiveness of European tooling industry through development of new technologies and new organizational and business models. Acreo is developing technology for patterning 3D subtrates with industrially viable dimension control and identification of possible sensor structures and materials to achieve optimal sensor performance.


Start 2010-10-01 End planned 2013-09-31
Project leader Tommy Schönberg
Project partners Sintef, DTU, VTT, MicroPlast + 11 more
Project sponsors EU