Integrity reviewed Internet based measurement platforms

ProjectDISTINCT: Distributed measurements of ICT-usage

DISTINCT: Distributed measurements of ICT-usage


The DISTINCT project will contribute to a digital society where we can use Internet traffic data to develop services and infrastructure development in a way that does not conflict with personal integrity issues.


The goal of the DISTINCT project is to develop an integrity reviewed platform for distributed measurements of Internet traffic. By distributed we mean that the measurements will be performed on end users who are geographically scattered and represent a statistical selection of the population. By integrity reviewed we mean that we will develop processes for handling integrity issues in each part of the measurement platform and its implementation. The review processes should be integrated with the technical solution.


Getting access to measurement data of Internet usage from real end users is difficult since the legal situation is uncertain. Through interdisciplinary cooperation between legal and technical expertise, and by letting integrity issues permeate the project, we want to be able to provide open data and to develop methods/processes that are useful to us as well as many other stakeholders.

The measurement platform includes technical measurement equipment as well as review processes for how to handle integrity issues in measurements, data handling, and data storage. The review processes are an important project result and they will be developed based on a number of use cases.
We will also develop a process for creating a panel of end users who will participate in the measurements. The process will include a selection method and legal agreements which regulate what we measure and how the measurement data is handled in relation to different stakeholders.
We envision a number of different stakeholders for this project both nationally and internationally, including commercial players, public authorities and researchers.


  • Info24 AB
  • Lunds Universitet: Internet Institute - LUii
  • Södertörns Högskola: Institutionen för samhällsvetenskaper


The project is partly funded by the VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems