ProjectDisplay panel certification for the vehicle industry

Display panel certification for the vehicle industry

Displays are increasingly used in our cars. It is a general safety aspect that the displays that provides the driver critical information is of a sufficiently high image quality. This is very important for the automotive industry and a key competitive advantage for those w ho can use it the right way.

Choosing the display components i.e. panel for installation in a vehicle requires deep knowledge, which would be simplified by collecting a number of basic requirements in a requirements document. Then procurement could be simplified and thus become cheaper as well as a general increase in component visual and traffic quality.

The project aims to create a certification of display panels in cars, which do not exist today. Deliverables are a requirements document and a roadmap for how the certification.

The main applicant is Acreo Swedish ICT AB and the main results receivers are TCO Development in the short term and Volvo Cars and the automotive industry in the slightly longer perspective.

The project is funded by Vinnova’s Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation program with 500 kSEK and the Swedish companies Volvo Cars and TCO Development with 524 kSEK.